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Alex Riley Outtakes

Two questions I didn’t include in my Washington City Paper interview with Alex Riley:

WCP: A question for the smart marks: Why were you carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase with you long after the Miz had cashed it in?

AR: I carried the Money in the Bank briefcase out there a couple times as a weapon. I was his apprentice, I was working for him, I had some things that he needed. … The silver case was supposed to have the WWE Championship in it — when he wasn’t carrying it, I was carrying it. Then the case became part of who I was, and it was involved in matches, and I used it to beat up John Cena. So, I figured why not just carry it out there?

WCP: Your gimmick on “NXT” was the “Varsity Villain,” wearing a letterman jacket and calling your finisher “You’re Dismissed.” But they’ve toned that down since you started working with the Miz. Where do you see your character going next?

AR: I try not to think about a lot of those things. The next I job I have is the Miz at “Capitol Punishment” on June 19 in D.C. I’m focused on that. … Whether I’m wearing a letterman jacket or not, I want to be bigger than that anyway. I want to move and react out there how I truly would [in reality].  I’m going to approach this match how I would any other match. I have a huge opponent in Miz, and I expect a great match. And whatever the outcome is, I think the character will evolve through the performances.